Simplify Regulatory and Certification Compliance

Helping food production facilities to reach compliance and regulatory requirements faster by minimizing and automating mundane, low value-added activities.

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Otrafy is a Quality Management Software that optimizes and administers vendor relationship for quality assurance departments.


Quickly identify relevant data for compliance and incomplete fields by scanning PDF documents and learning the intended outcomes.


Turn PDF fields into data points and gather actionable data insights on an easy-to-use program dashboard.


Enable quality assurance professionals to quickly identify and prioritize vendors that need to update their certifications.


Our Solutions

Vendor Onboarding and Renewal

Automate vendor communications for new vendors and for the renewal of existing vendor documentation.

Vendor Management

Leverage artificial intelligence to process certification PDFs, and identify areas needing attention, thus reducing the time spent manually processing and cross-checking data.

Reach and Monitor Vendor Compliance

Our system aggregates documentation compliance data from vendors, audits its status and sends notifications when actions are required.

A simple, intuitive dashboard to gather insights and manage your data

  • Real time insights and notifications
  • Collaboration across teams
  • Analytics on vendor responsiveness
  • Automatized vendor follow-up for missing documentation
  • Automatized compliance follow-up for expired certifications
  • Vendor & Ingredients documentations are linked

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