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Helping food production facilities by providing actionable insights to mitigate vendor associated supply chain risks.

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Otrafy is an AI powered supplier management system that manages and optimizes supplier quality assurance.


Scan and learn PDF documents automatically to quickly identify relevant data for compliance and incomplete fields which require more data from vendors.


Turn PDF fields into data points and gather actionable data insights on an easy-to-use program dashboard.


Enable quality assurance professionals to quickly identify and prioritize vendors that need to update their certifications.


Our Solutions

New Vendor Onboarding

Automatically aggregate all vendor information and automate the data entry and follow-up communication process for new vendor applicants to qualify.

Vendor Management

Leverage artificial intelligence to process certification PDFs, auto-fill fields and identify areas needing attention to reduce the time spent manually processing and cross-checking data.

Compliance Assurance

Our system aggregates all compliance data from vendors and compares that to external databases to ensure complete and accurate documentation.

A simple, intuitive dashboard to gather insights and manage your data

  • Real time insights and notifications
  • Collaboration across teams
  • Analytics on vendor responsiveness
  • Automatized vendor follow-up for missing documentation
  • Automatized compliance follow-up for expired certifications
  • Vendor & Ingredients documentations are linked

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