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About Otrafy

Track and Trace with focus on certification management and operational risk reduction

Otrafy’s simple and fast blockchain-powered platform helps producers address key supply chain challenges such as certification and compliance management, production efficiency, food safety, disease prevention and authenticity.

We address these problems by creating functionalities like recall management, analytics, IoT integration, cross-border integration, and quality control on top of our basic supply-chain management track and trace solution.

Our goal is to become the data infrastructure that enables seamless transfer of goods between different parties and jurisdictions. Thus becoming the gold standard for authenticity and transparency in the food industry.


How Otrafy works

Step by step process

Update information

Producers update information about their product at each stage of production. Data updated can be filtered and used for certification applications and regulatory compliance

QR code is generated

QR code containing product information is generated. Information is publicly available to all supply chain players

Transfer of ownership

Ownership of product is transferred among supply chain operators. New owners can now edit information about the product they have just taken ownership from

Scan and read

Customers, procurement officers and insurance operators can see all information related to the product and identify who was responsible for what

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